1ST Phorm Legionnaire & Retailer

Having been both a collegiate athlete at Florida State Univ. and Men’s NPC Physique competitor, he’s been using supplements for years. After coming across 1st Phorm on social media, following their feed for a while, and seeing what they represent, Anthony reached out to the company. It only took one phone call for him to realize that this company went to extremes to offer the best available products and that they truly care about their clients and employees. Anthony has now been involved with 1st Phorm as a Legionnaire since October 2015. Through his time as an independent rep and owner of FI and understanding that the two company philosophies are one in the same, he determined that it made too much sense to not bring the two together. He reached out to the CEO, Andy Frisella, and inquired about setting up retail at the salon. Andy put him in touch with Brian Teach, who set up the retail agreement, and now First Impressions Salon has stepped up its game and is offering the best health and wellness supplements on the market.

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1ST Phorm Background

1st Phorm, a St. Louis based supplement company, was built from humble beginnings. Founded by Andy Frisella and Chris Klein and built up for over 15 years, it was founded on Midwest values and a strong work ethic. From bailing hay and feeding cattle to pouring concrete in 110 degree suffocating Midwestern heat for a few bucks an hour, they learned what hard work was at a young age. This work ethic continues today for each of us at 1st Phorm. They are proud of the company and the products it produces. By the time the products are ready for sale they’ve been tasted and tested hundreds of times for flavor, consistency and most importantly, RESULTS. It can take their PhD chemists and formulators years, not months, to perfect each product they put their name on. So the next time you open your pantry and see your 1st Phorm bottle sitting there, know that it’s the highest quality supplement you’ll ever put in your body. And they would never have it any other way than doing it to be the best! The idea of ‘slacking off’ or not continually pushing forward is a foreign concept. You can taste our dedication and hard work (but not the sweat) in every one of the quality products.


1st Phorm doesn’t just make products, they use them. From customer service reps to warehouse manager, everyone is committed to bettering their bodies and leading healthier lives through the use of 1st Phorm supplements. So, don’t be surprised if you find us out at one of the local gyms with a protein shaker full of Phormula-1 and sweat pouring down our face. While days may be full of anabolic formulations, spreadsheets, protein shakes and puke inducing weight sessions, we’re all still regular people at 1st Phorm. We have been known to cheat on diets, dread squat days, and even like to crack a few (sometimes more than a few) cold ones open on the weekend. We work hard to put the best products in your hands but we’re sure to have a little fun along the way.


1st Phorm stands behind their products 110% … literally. They offer a 110% no questions asked, money back guarantee on all products. They care about the brand, employees, customers and ultimately the results you can attain when using the products! They insist on being the best in the industry and that carries over to all aspects of business, including customer service and support. The entire philosophy is based on providing the very best products with an error-free and outstanding customer experience. Second to no one in any industry, in any part of the world! 1st Phorm may be from the Corn Belt, but they know some of the most nutritious ingredients are found all over the world. They search out and source only the highest quality ingredients to go into each products. With 1st Phorm, you won’t find fillers… just top grade, premium, result-driven ingredients in their prime efficacious dose. There is just no way they could ever justify using anything but the best ingredients. And as always, all 1st Phorm products are made right here in the USA!